Burr Martin: Nearly News

Burr Martin Nearly News 203 Bugger Off

August 06, 2021 Burr Martin: Nearly News Season 2 Episode 203
Burr Martin: Nearly News
Burr Martin Nearly News 203 Bugger Off
Show Notes

News stories we bring you this week:

De-wormer is not Fauci approved

Breaching Quarantine with a Drone

Stroking Leads to Stroke

Priest Worships Ye Old Grindr

Naked Boaters Flapping in the Wind

You Moved the Badgers but not the bodies!

Rugby-Like Grannies Thwart Thieves

When You Hire the Home Alone Bandits to Kidnap Your Wife

100 Year Old White Castle

Yelp Review Mentions Killer Croc

Have It Your Way, With this 9MM

Please Don't Hammock on the Power Lines

Get The Covid Shot, Worm!

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