Burr Martin: Nearly News

Burr Martin Nearly News 200th Episode !

June 25, 2021 Burr Martin: Nearly News Season 2 Episode 200
Burr Martin: Nearly News
Burr Martin Nearly News 200th Episode !
Show Notes

We did it! Not only do we have a lot of fun during this show, but we read some of your emails, talk about the origins of the podcast, the inside reasons for things and Taylor stops by to play "Rap or Crap: Canadian edition" 

News stories this week include:

My son, My Uncle

England vs Scotland vs Kilt

Joker poisons the water

Basement Jail

Free chalk outline

Handcuffs didn't work?

Slipping on a banana peel

The Cops are coming kid!

Sex couch

Steve-O's Pubic Bigfoot costume

Naked intruders always have a plan

Is a mailbox really yours?

Sorry I ate your mom

Its just a Slushie ma'am.


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