Burr Martin: Nearly News

Burr Martin Nearly News 197 Weiner Free

June 04, 2021 Burr Martin: Nearly News Season 1 Episode 197
Burr Martin: Nearly News
Burr Martin Nearly News 197 Weiner Free
Show Notes

We're back in the studio with a fresh week of crazy headlines.
This week we discuss: Feeding a child Ethnic Food is now considered a crime.
Maybe get a second opinion before cremating Grandma 
 The Ceiling Fan of Blood 
Washing away $26 million dollars 
Gender Reveals need to stop 
When 6 inches is too big 
When your kid moves out...to the garden.
Guns and genitals are apparently a thing 
Mickey Mouse doesn't want to see your boobs 
When Burger King buns get too much attention 
Charging $5 to people who are smarter than you 
Jeremy Clarksons Bollocks 
Are you smarter than a 2 Year Old 
Uri wants a human

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The Burr Martin Nearly News podcast, is brought to you by Pants Pending Studios and hosted by the Internet's "Selfie Dad", who was made famous overnight by recreating his daughters selfies on Instagram.
Joined by his wife/co-host of more than 30 years, Burr brings his unique brand of humor, nerd experience and C List Internet celebrity status to talk about the strange, odd and downright funny news stories from around the World, plus a few other surprises thrown in.