Burr Martin: Nearly News

Burr Martin Nearly News 195 Bag Of

May 07, 2021 Burr Martin: Nearly News Season 3 Episode 195
Burr Martin: Nearly News
Burr Martin Nearly News 195 Bag Of
Show Notes

This weeks headlines include:
Dont Mess With Bali as an influencer gets arrested for painting a mask on.
60mph Baby: Delivering a baby in a roundabout.
Sex Grenade: Sometimes a grenade is NOT a grenade.
Oceans 90: Two elderly people escape a rest home by an incredible idea.
Dont Look in the Hole: A man is trapped in a porta potty.
Disco is Life: A man gets into a fight over a $20 Disco ball
Worst Roomate Ever: When asked to leave, this roommate went nuts!
And More!

Also, a NEW podcast!
Join Mike Wren, a money manager, Investment advisor and car enthusiast  and Chris "Burr" Martin, an entertainer , comedian, viral internet celebrity and 100% geek, as they discuss a multitude of subjects. 


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The Burr Martin Nearly News podcast, is brought to you by Pants Pending Studios and hosted by the Internet's "Selfie Dad", who was made famous overnight by recreating his daughters selfies on Instagram.

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